January 19, 2021

Atheer Borealis unveils significant, client-driven new capabilities


Borealis, the first Atheer release of 2021, is now available. It contains significant, client-driven new capabilities. They span the four key elements of Atheer: self-assist, remote-assist, workflow-assist and platform.

Self-assist - Empower front-line teams to more accurately create digital models of  business processes - and make those broadly and contextually available to the right members of the right teams at the right time. Reinforce system permissions (to ensure close alignment with enterprise security policy), time-limit the availability of content and designate content sunset dates.

Remote-assist - Join video sessions faster, start an instant video session or have an in-session text chat. The new, Web-based guest experience also provides a fast and simple way to join a video session (including suppliers, customers, and outside experts).

Workflow-assist - Create much richer Atheer Jobs - and do so with more control over how, when and by whom they are used. Use Job Templates and Job Cards - as well as Job Boards (which provide a way to get even greater insight into the performance of Jobs).  In Atheer, a Job represents a single execution of a previously-created set of visual work instructions by an individual or a team.

Platform - Broaden the way Atheer can be used (with support for landscape mode on supported mobile devices, for example), the range of devices it will run on, and the way in which it supports working within an extended enterprise (including the extended value chain).

So we're excited that this release will help drive the key digital transformation elements that some industry analysts have identified as being vital to success.

McKinsey & Company, for example, concluded in an October 2020 survey that a number of factors increased the speed and success of digital transformation initiatives. The survey concluded that implementing digital tools to make information more accessible across an organization more than doubled the success rate of digital transformation - with a similar level of benefit being achieved when organizations could modify standard operating procedures to include new digital technologies.

The Atheer Borealis release provides new ways to help achieve both of these goals - and a lot more.

For full details on how this new release can make a difference in your business, contact your customer success manager or drop us an email at info@atheerair.com .

Guarav Mehra

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