October 19, 2021

Atheer "Eddy" release brings exciting new features & UI enhancements

Eddy, the fourth Atheer release of 2021, is now available. Our Eddy Release is the next generation of our front line worker platform. It introduces UI (user experience) enhancements many new capabilities designed for your front line teams to rapidly realize increased productivity, quality, and safety across your extended enterprise.

New Homepage and Home Screen - Introducing the new Atheer Studio homepage that gives users quick access to the best features and functions of Atheer right at login. We’ve also enhanced the home screen on Atheer Lens to match the features and functions of the Studio homepage

Self-assist - Working hard creating content for your front line workers in the field? Your front line teams need quick access to the most current information. That’s why we’ve enhanced our Self-Assist content development tool to include a graphic view of topics and sub-topics and the continent stored within them.

Remote-assist - We’ve enhanced the caching of our offline Job execution to make sure no data is lost, whether going offline is planned or not. We’ve added advanced “Read-only”, “Show in Job View”, and “Show Barcode” attributes to our Job templates to protect the data and show users only what they need to see. We’ve also added conditional configurations to the Job templates for better and more relevant gathering and presentation of information when creating Jobs. When executing Jobs on Atheer Studio, you can execute scan steps - making the Job experience on Atheer Studio as effective as it is on Atheer Lens.

Platform - We’ve made Atheer even more secure, by adding an automatic sign-out function that can be enabled to sign your users out of the platform after your pre-determined inactivity setting. We’ve also added even more capability for our white labelling, so you can customize Atheer to be exactly how you want it to be in any of our supported languages. On top of that, we’ve also added individual user access control for AiRSessions and Conversations, user experience improvements for tablet users, and much, much more.The whole Atheer team at Atheer excited about the Eddy release. We are confident that it will help drive the key digital transformation initiatives that industry analysts have identified as being vital to the success of industrial enterprises in this new world of work.For full details on how this new release can make a difference in your business, contact your customer success manager or drop us an email at info@atheerair.com .

Micki Collart

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