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Atheer’s Gale Release: Improving User Experience and Introducing Air Anchors

We are excited to announce the Gale update of Atheer’s AR Powered Front Line Worker platform is now available!   Our product team worked tirelessly to create some great new features to improve Atheer’s user experience and make the lives of our partners so much easier.



In the Gale release, we’ve added additional supported use cases in our core industries, radically simplified extended enterprise set up, improved usability and engagement and deepened our partners ability to integrate Atheer with their existing systems. In this article you’ll learn about Gale improvements that: 


  • Make it easier for Front Line workers to have access to the support they need to do their best work.
  • Make it simpler for Airform Authors to create and test the digital workflows that standardize and improve work execution.
  • Improve efficiency and automation for Administrators on Atheer. 


You’ll also learn about our groundbreaking Air Anchor technology that is now ready for customer previews and will revolutionize the manufacturing space in the years to come. If you are on the edge of your seat we totally understand. Buckle up and get ready for the ride! 


As a quick note this article will provide an overview of Gale’s many innovative product improvements. For a more in-depth look please make sure to check out the “What’s New” feature release article so you don’t miss any of the latest developments! 



AiRAnchors 1 removebg preview

With the release of Gale we’re now open for customer previews for our groundbreaking Air Anchor technology!  This new technology allows our partners to anchor digital objects to physical locations in your factory or out in the field. This immersive augmented reality experience allows front line teams to access contextually rich assistance in a way that has never been possible before. 


Imagine walking up to a machine, scanning the environment using Atheer Lens and being able to see AIR Anchors. You tap the Anchors and they go directly to documentation, information, and even the digital work instructions you need to execute the job. You can create AiRAnchors for Topics, Subject Matter experts, Content, and even AiRForms


Workers can leave notes explaining issues they confronted on previous shifts. This enables manufacturers to solve problems faster and empowers front line teams to discover and eliminate inefficiencies in your production line through increased visibility. If the front line worker needs to speak to a subject matter expert to immediately solve the issue they can tap the Air Anchor to be directly connected to remote assistance! 


Want to know more about Air Anchors and how they can help your business?  Please ask for a demo from your Customer Success team representative or your Account Executive. 



Advanced Photo Editing iOS

Atheer’s mission has always been to give front line workers the tools they need to work better, safer and faster. If you’re a front line worker who uses Atheer every day, Gale is going to make your life a whole lot easier. 


We’ve added advanced photo and video editing for iOS. Just capture a picture or video in Atheer Lens on your iPhone or iPad, and edit it on the fly to point out the real issue at hand.


This helps improve our customer’s preventive maintenance efforts by making it easy for the front line to highlight issues and annotate directly on the image to rapidly escalate problems before they spiral into costly system failure. 


We’ve added SmartScan QR code access directly to Content. Now, you can walk up to a machine or piece of equipment, scan the QR code, and instantly get all the information you need with fewer clicks.


Let’s change gears. Say you’re in the middle of a shared work process and your part’s done. You can tap the “Notify and Exit” button to immediately notify the next person in line that it’s time for them to do their part. They’re tagged in, and you can move on to your next task. This new feature increases communication between teams and gets the job done faster with less hassle.  



ACL in Desktop removebg preview

If you’re an Atheer AiRForm author, here’s a few things that will make your life a lot simpler. 


You can now use our AiRForm roles and permissions to separate which AiRForms your authors can access, and what they have permission to do when they access them. Now you can be sure that your team of AiRForm authors are only working on the AiRForms to which they’ve been assigned. This is great for making sure that intentional silos stay in place. 


Here’s a big one: You know how we use a Job Template to collect details about the Job before the work instructions are launched? Well, now you can have multiple active Job Templates. This means that you can support the unique needs of multiple business units in the same workspace-saving a ton of time and money.


And, when you’re all done with your AiRForm, you can even preview it using Atheer Studio! Now you’ll know exactly how your AiRForm will behave before it’s published! 


We’ve also added the ability to add a Go To response in AirForms to jump to a certain step (past or future). The Go To response, especially used in conjunction with deviations, enables our AiRForm authors to model complex conditional logic in troubleshooting or technical guides. We’ve also added support to compare two responses in branch and deviation conditions. This feature will enable the modeling of a wider variety of exciting new use cases  (i.e., comparison of two barcode scans or responses across mismatched-role steps.) 



Teams in Desktop

Our product team has paid special attention to helping out all of our diligent Atheer administrators to make your experience better than ever by enabling easier automation for actions like bulk importing and deleting. 


Along with some great updates to general user administration, we’ve rebranded group management to, “Teams”, gave Teams its own page, and added enhancements to make working with Teams so much easier. 


We’ve updated the look and feel of the app (including our color branding option to make the app your own), and we added a new API that allows for exporting PDF reports to external systems. 




But wait there’s more! There are many more exciting features still left to discover in the “What’s New” feature release article. Click on the link above and get our most in-depth coverage of this release so that you can take advantage of all the ways Atheer can help your front line do their best work every time. 


If you’re already a customer, reach out to your Atheer sales or customer service representative for a super-secret preview of our new AiR Anchors and an in depth discussion of these and other features in the Gale release.


If you’re not yet a customer please sign up for a demo and let us show you all the ways we can transform your enterprise business. You can go here to sign up or drop us an email at  

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