May 31, 2022

The Connected Worker And Preventive Maintenance

Human error is blamed for 18% of unscheduled equipment downtime according to a recent study by Plant Engineering. Manufacturing companies have been investing in Connected Worker Platforms to reduce human error by cutting out time, wasting paper processes and providing end to end knowledge support. The integration of the connected worker and preventive maintenance is a crucial element of any plan to increase OEE and enable continuous improvement.

Connected Worker platforms digitize paper based PM processes to improve machine monitoring and service task completion by standardizing work execution and providing front line teams with the knowledge they need to do their best work.

A Front Line Worker Platform integrates workers into manufacturing environments through the devices they naturally use in the flow of work such as mobile devices, laptops, Smart Glasses and tablets.  Digitization has become inevitable with the growing complexity of mix manufacturing, strained supply chains and the increased lack of skilled workers in most major industry.  But the question is why should you get started on your journey to digital transformation right now?  Let’s take a deeper look.

How Connected Worker Platforms Empower Connected Workers?

An LNS Research study found that 40% of manufacturing companies have already started their digital transformation process using IoT and Connected worker solutions. Front Line Worker Platforms are already empowering the connected worker in multiple industry domains including Aviation, Automotive, Manufacturing, Mining and Oil and Gas.

Why are connected worker platforms crucial for today’s manufacturing industry? Besides raising the standard of work and workers’ safety, a Connected Worker platform can improve their productivity, reduce operational costs, and enable easier knowledge sharing. And they make everyone's life a lot easier by cutting out time wasting, paper based processes and the dual data entry they necessitate at the end of the day.

Here is how Front Line Worker platforms can improve Preventive Maintenance work in any Manufacturing Facility:

  1. Knowledge support for maintenance operators

Through self-assist tools, connected workers have on demand access to knowledge resources on the digital platform. Visual work instructions are designed for faster workforce training and upskilling to perform manufacturing  tasks. These training materials are superior to  paper-based training materials because they contain visual work instructions and are highly contextual. This can include work-related videos, instructions for specific steps of service tasks, and diagrams for front line workers to perform PM on specific machine assets. This improved training allows maintenance personnel to do a faster and more efficient job.

  1. Job completion assistance

Front Line Worker platforms provide a range of work assist tools for “new” workers to complete their maintenance-related jobs on time and with maximum efficiency. The availability of digital checklists and workflows can standardize PM jobs and allow management to remove any unnecessary or inefficient steps from the task, thus saving time and resources.  For recurring PM tasks, the Connected Worker platform can automate and schedule maintenance jobs to be completed on time.

Further, every completed PM job is available with valuable job data about the machines condition along with high-resolution photographs for future reference and rapid problem escalation. PM job completion reports with actionable insights are automatically generated and shared with the management team, cutting down on manual paper work and improving communication between teams.

  1. Connected Worker Remote Assistance in PM

With Connected Worker platforms, front line operators can immediately communicate unresolved issues using an integrated chat function. This improves visibility into front line operations as well as enables faster resolution for issues as they arise. Front line workers can also connect with remote experts through AR-enabled devices for faster troubleshooting during preventive maintenance operations.

It should be noted that Remote Assistance is a last resort. With elevated work instructions and digital workflows created with best practices from your most skilled workers  the goal is to make sure that your employees always know what to do and find problems before they cascade into crisis.  But when an emergency comes up, with remote assist front line teams are able to immediately connect to subject matters experts who can help them resolve problems on the spot.


A Connected Worker solution is fast becoming a necessary technology for Manufacturing companies looking to optimize their preventive maintenance tasks, improve safety and ensure compliance.  Front Line Worker platforms are essential in empowering connected workers with knowledge resources in the form of digitized work instructions, how to guides, digital checklists, and more to meet the Great Crew Challenge and bridge the growing skills gap.

Atheer's AR Powered Front Line Worker Platform is at the forefront of empowering connected workers across many industries. The low code/no code Connected Worker platform is ab easy to implement solution, built for resolving the industry’s pain points including health and safety, machine downtime, rising operational costs, quality assurance, and improving OEE.Want to improve the productivity of your front line worker?

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Micki Collart

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