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The Hidden (and Obvious) Costs of Poor Service Performance
   November 30, 2023
The Hidden (and Obvious) Costs of Poor Service Performance

The Hidden (and Obvious) Costs of Poor Service Performance The average manufacturing company faces around 800 hours of equipment downtime every year. Keeping their operations to production schedules and target rates depends on regular machine maintenance and servicing. For this reason, manufacturers employ large maintenance teams to service their equipment. Machine downtime or malfunction is… Read More »The Hidden (and Obvious) Costs of Poor Service Performance

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IATA Demonstrates Dramatic Impact of AR on Cargo Operations

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) does a vital job in helping the air travel and air cargo industries meet the challenges of growing passenger and cargo demand, climate change and an evolving global economy that increasingly relies on goods being shipped quickly around the world by air.

Anglo American partners with Xyleme and Atheer to pioneer the use of Augmented Reality to Drive Workforce Innovation and Opportunity

The global mining industry is changing – and that change is happening quickly. One of the world’s leading mining companies, London-based Anglo American, has been a strong driver of this change with its innovative global Sustainable Mining Plan.

Volkswagen Group UK Deploys Atheer in its Retailer Network

Volkswagen Group UK uses an Atheer-powered service and support solution to support its Retailer network across the United Kingdom. The RELS (Remote Expert Live Support) system uses Atheer’s Front Line Worker platform and RealWear’s HMT-1 head mounted device to connect Retailer technicians to Volkswagen Group UK Technical Support experts based in Milton Keynes.

First Atheer release of 2020 adds hardware options, Xyleme API support

The first 2020 release of the Atheer Augmented Reality Management Platform is aimed at offering greater hardware choice, allowing users to better leverage existing content assets and enjoy richer in-call collaboration tools during video calls.

New Release Offers Enhanced Group Calling, 5G Support

Our latest release of the Atheer platform is designed to bring even more power to mobile users – now and in the future. Here is some of what you’ll find in our most recent release.

Aviation Sector Demand for Remote Support Rises in Reaction to COVID-19

It’s impossible to understate the level of challenge faced by the aviation industry as it grapples with the implications of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Porsche Technicians Report 3X use of Atheer Platform to Fix Cars

It is a great feeling to know when you’re able to meet an urgent need for customers. For the last several months, we have been working with customers across a range of industries to help them meet the many business challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Atheer & IAG show how AR can transform aircraft maintenance & repair

If you think about mission-critical work, there are few examples more worthy of this description than aircraft maintenance and repair. The work required to keep planes flying to schedule, while ensuring the safety of airline pilots and crew, passengers and cargo, creates one the most demanding operating environments imaginable.

4 things you should do to sanitize your AR devices – and 4 things you should avoid doing

Living in the new work reality created by COVID-19 has reminded us of many things – not the least of which is that you want every part of your work environment to be as safe as it possibly can be. When working with AR devices (including smart glasses, smartphones and tablets), that means being aware… Read More »4 things you should do to sanitize your AR devices – and 4 things you should avoid doing

AR, AI and IIoT empower Front Line teams

The world of manufacturing is changing fast. In fact, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating a change that was already well underway as manufacturers moved to an “Industry 4.0” model that embraced a pervasive digital approach.

Now Available On-Demand! AR Insights Webinar Series Kick-Off Episode with IDC’s Tom Mainelli

This month, we kicked off our new monthly Webinar series – featuring insightful guests talking about issues that we know matter to you. Our first guest was IDC’s Tom Mainelli. Tom is one of those smart, articulate people that does a great job of putting technology, business and the real human side of work into… Read More »Now Available On-Demand! AR Insights Webinar Series Kick-Off Episode with IDC’s Tom Mainelli

Welcome to the Atheer Aurora release!

There’s no doubt we’re in a time of significant new challenges and changes. The challenges include finding dynamic ways to handle fast changing demand, developing new strategies for social and work distancing, better supporting remote work and collaboration, as well as optimizing work processes to ensure business continuity.

New customers, use cases and benefits in 2021

Much will be written about the fast-changing times in which we currently live. Some of the focus will undoubtedly be on the innovation and ingenuity that many organizations showed in tackling the new – and sometimes magnified – business challenges they faced.

2020: A Year of Challenge and Innovation

For Atheer, 2020 was a year we’ll never forget. It was unforgettable for all the obvious reasons – the impact of COVID-19 and the social, economic and work challenges that it created broadly for all industries – but also for the opportunity it provided us to work very closely with customers on dealing with the… Read More »2020: A Year of Challenge and Innovation

Atheer Borealis unveils significant, client-driven new capabilities


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