Faster diagnosis of repair and maintenance issues
AR allows service engineers to more quickly identify -
and gain access to relevant work instructions - to repair and
maintenance issues for increasing complex systems.
Measurable Benefits
Dynamic delivery of relevant
work instructions
Whether doing a detailed truck safety check, repairing
the engine of a passenger ferry or performing maintenance
work on the brakes of a railcar, AR can help.
Measurable Benefits
20-50% reduction in the cost
to train distributed workforces
Through the delivery of work instructions within a worker’s
vision of vision, on the job training can be delivered
faster and more broadly across multiple locations.
Measurable Benefits

Why Transportation Needs AR

The transportation industry is changing fast – facing skills shortages, increasingly complex technologies in boats, on trucks and railways. It also faces huge and increasingly demand for its services – and that means keeping downtime to a minimum.

“Downtime keeps trucks off the road. If a truck is off the road, the company (or person) that owns it does not make money and neither does the driver – who is a big stakeholder in this (especially when the driver is also the owner operator).  Asset utilization is the key performance indicator in trucking.”

– Augmented Reality in Transportation and Logistics: Re-inventing the way the world works (Atheer, 2017)

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