Immediate delivery of the very latest safety procedures
AR allows oil, gas and utility industry workers access to the most up-to-date,
validated and compliant safety procedures in their field of view.
Measurable Benefits
Getting it right
Workers not only gain access to the right set of work
instructions, but can also view digital videos, diagrams and other
vital resources to improve accuracy.
Measurable Benefits
Tackling the cost and frequency of downtime
Using an AR Management Platform, workers at sites with good
connectivity can make video calls to remote experts to quickly troubleshoot
operational issues and reduce expensive downtime.
Measurable Benefits

Why Oil, Gas, & Utilities Needs AR

These industries all require the use of big, expensive equipment in often difficult and hostile environments where safety is paramount and any amount of downtime is massively expensive. Effective AR-supported field service operations are vital.

“As the industry faces a lack of skilled workers and an aging workforce that will result in knowledge loss, AR will aid field workers by connecting them with remote experts who can provide real-time guidance and highlight where extra caution should be taken. A subsequent benefit is that the information obtained from AR solutions can be stored as a guideline for future work, thus facilitating business decisions and workflow. With AR, employees become more proficient more quickly.”

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