Your Front Line Teams are Today’s Heroes

Atheer gives your front line teams everything they need to work better, faster, safer.

Front line and industrial teams of all sizes rely on Atheer.

Many teams, many processes, many industries.
A single no code platform. A single streamlined user experience.

Ready to accelerate front line productivity from the first minute.

The Atheer Front Line OS is loaded with features and capabilities that you can begin using straight away.

Get started in minutes

Front line teams can be equipped – in minutes – with secure messaging, AR video sessions,  AR workflows, file and document sharing, and much more.

When you need more

Use Atheer’s pre-built templates, dynamic forms, multiple step types, and out of the box enterprise integrations to create your own powerful AR powered business applications. No coding required.

Build and deploy faster than ever

Atheer’s out of the box capabilities and your custom Atheer applications require no coding, can be branded in minutes and then instantly deployed to the devices your front line teams use. Enterprise grade.

 Atheer helps teams work smarter and faster, from the front line to the back office.

Drive business impact across all your front line teams. No coding required.

Boost Productivity

Help your front line teams work smarter, safer, faster

Scale Expertise

Deliver expertise to wherever it is needed, when it is needed

Augment Work

Augment every person, process, and team

Unleash Knowledge

Connect your front line teams to knowledge of the enterprise

Make Better Decisions

Connect your critical teams and systems for a complete picture
Empower Everyone
Intelligent, contextual, useful experiences at the time of need

Simple user experiences, every user, every device, every time.

We let you build intuitive experiences that your front line teams will love – aligning users, the business and IT has never been easier.

Single, streamlined experience

Streamlines currently disconnected capabilities  into one easy to use experience.

Build once, use everywhere

You never have to design for mobile, web, Mac, PC, iOS or Android separately again. Design once and your AR app works natively on all devices.

Brand consistency

Use Atheer’s no code platform to create experiences that match your corporate brand.

Speed and business impact in one unified platform

Atheer’s no code platform is designed to deploy in minutes, not months


Highly personalized, human experience


Understands and becomes useful over-time


Real-time and always-on


Increases the value of existing systems


Secure, configurable and cloud-scale platform


Designed to meet demands of every department

Try Atheer today

Drop us a note and we’ll hook you up with your very own instance of Atheer.