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Field Service Connect

Digitize Field Service Operations To Get The Job Done Right The First Time


Connected Field Operations and Service

Field Service is often the only face-to-face interaction your customers have with your brand. 96% of customers say they will leave a company if they have a bad service experience. But the problem doesn’t stop with losing a customer.  Poor quality field service can create bad word of mouth and permanent reputational damage to your brand. 

Many service or product orientated organizations simply do not have the means to reach their customers/field techs with relevant information and support to make the service experience excellent due to talent shortages, the complexity of machinery and increasing demand for instant problem resolution. 

Atheer’s Field Service Connect offers your field service technicians the digital resources and support they need to provide a great field service experience every time with our easy to use no code app on your mobile device.

Atheer protects your relationship with your customer to help you increase retention, referrals, and revenue.

Solving the Knowledge Gap

The Problem:

  • Experienced technicians are leaving the workforce, creating a huge knowledge gap with newer, less experienced technicians.
  • OEMs and Field Service organizations must find a way to first capture the knowledge from the experienced technicians before they walk out the door, and then deliver that content to new technicians on the fly, at the point of work.
  • Many companies must rely on new hires who get only one or two weeks of training or contractors for important tasks. Work execution must be uniform no matter the experience of the workers involved.

The Solution

  • Atheer Field Service Connect helps by making it easy to capture/document work processes from the field, then formalize and instantly mobilize those best practices for use by your entire mobile workforce with our no-code modular platform. This means the depth of knowledge, and quality of work from everyone on the team improves and everything they need is available on the devices they naturally use in the flow of work like tablets, mobile phones and laptops.
  • Workers with little experience or contractors dealing with many variable products can be instantly updated with easy to understand visual training, troubleshooting guides, standardized digital workflows and remote support to get up to speed quickly and close the knowledge gap.

Radically Improve The Efficiency and Quality Of Your Field Service Technicians

Atheer Field Service Connect helps you empower your field service teams to move the needle on these crucial Field Service metrics: 
  • First Time Fix Rate
  • Service Efficiency
  • Mean Time to Completion
  • Average Repair Time
  • Machine Uptime
Digitize Front Line Operations

Knowledge Without Waiting

The Problem 


Field Service technicians spend on average three hours a week searching for instructions. Technicians have too many separate, disconnected sources of information they need to access in the course of their day. OEMs and Field Service organizations need a way to centralize and connect all these individual resources through a single source of truth, and that centralized solution should be accessible when and where the technician needs it.


The Solution: 


Atheer Field Service Connect helps by creating a single source of procedural and process truth, product information, and access to real, human subject matter experts when and where the technician is working.  This means that technicians can get everything they need to do the job right the first time from a single app on their mobile devices.

Elevating Visibility and Traceability for Field Service

The Problem 


Managers find it difficult to assign, track, measure and train large teams of field service technicians.  Field teams are always on the move, so we need a way to assign tasks and training, communicate, and get a better view of both team and individual performance.


The Solution: 


Atheer Field Service Connect makes it easy for managers to assign tasks, jobs, or training to individual technicians or entire teams.  All the work done by technicians in the field is tracked and measured, generating automated job reports that help managers continuously improve the team performance and offer employees data-driven mentorship to improve performance.

Automotive Inspections

How Atheer Supports Your Field Service Teams:

Atheer makes it very difficult for your field service teams to make a mistake by providing:
  • Intuitive point of work, contextually rich visual instructions that simplify work execution for installation, maintenance, and urgent repair.
  • Increased verification through photographic and video evidence to ensure field service teams execute work to your standard. 
  • On-demand troubleshooting guides and training to provide access to knowledge without waiting. 
  • Streamlined communication with supervisors and management to quickly share documentation and simple fixes for common issues. 
  • Instant access to subject matter experts through state-of-the-art AR Powered Remote assistance to solve unforeseen and urgent problems when they arise.


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