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Digitally Augmented Contact Centers

Augment Contact Centers With Visual Support To Solve Problems Anywhere, Anytime

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Digitally Assist Contact Center Agents

Elevate Contact Center Efficiency: Turn Order Takers Into Experts

Overwhelmed contact center agents have become order takers, asking a few questions and then scheduling technicians to be dispatched days and even weeks into the future. This costs your customers time and money and the delay can ruin your relationships with your customers. 

Atheer transforms your contact center agents from order takers into expert problem solvers.  Provide AR -Powered visual support, on-demand resource libraries, and digitized AiRForms to allow agents to  diagnose problems so that customers can get their machines up and running without having to wait for a technician to be dispatched. Your contact center agents can extend the same visual support to your field and channel technicians to speed problem resolution times and make sure they can get the job done right the first time, no matter their experience level. 

Radically Improve Contact Center Efficiency

Atheer helps you increase efficiency and boost agent engagement by moving the needle on these crucial metrics. 


  • Reducing Call Center Volume
  • Reducing Tech Dispatches
  • Improving First-Time Fix Rate
  • Improving First Call Resolution
  • Reducing Escalation Rate
  • Reducing Average Handle Time
  • Increasing Next Issue Avoidance
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Augment Contact Center Agents and Provide Scalable Expertise

The Problem 


Experienced workers are retiring, creating a huge knowledge gap with newer, less experienced technicians taking their place. Your service channels and your customers need to be able to call on immediate expert support when the unforeseen occurs but there are fewer experts on the ground to solve urgent issues. OEMs and Field Service organizations need to find a solution to make their expertise scalable and available from any location. 


The Solution 


Atheer empowers your contact center agents to solve issues collaboratively through AR-Powered visual support. Your experts can see what technicians see through their devices and offer immediate advice for diagnosis and speedy repair from anywhere in the world.  They can also easily share documentation, training, and resources with customers with a click of a button.

Contact Center Agents are empowered with digitized AiRForms that offer step-by-step assistance for known issues. Atheer makes it easy to document the unforeseen and turn one-time fixes into permanent digitized productivity gains.

Lower Contact Volume And Improve Efficiency With Self-Service Solutions

The Problem 

Customers aren’t given the proper tools to troubleshoot and solve common issues. Customers flood contact center agents with phone calls about issues that be easily solved autonomously.  This prevents contact center agents from focusing on solving customers’ most urgent and difficult problems and creates long wait times for problem resolution.  


The Solution

Atheer Customer Connect is an all-in-one app available from your day-to-day devices that elevates the quality of your self-service solutions so your customers can solve issues without waiting. Prevent issues before they start with digital self-service for scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting guides for common problems. Atheer Customer Connect lowers call center volume, improves contact center productivity, and keeps your machines up and running. Discover more about our self-service solutions at our Customer Connect page

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It’s Like Having Your Experts In The Room

Atheer lets equipment manufacturers troubleshoot and diagnose problems with the ability to view hardware and diagnostic control software on a single platform with Atheer’s new Remote Desktop Control feature.  Experts can now (with permission) see or remotely control the entire computer desktops of AiRSession attendees who are joined through the Atheer Studio app. Now your remote experts are just one small step away from being there.

Instant On-site Assistance For Field Service Teams

Provide your field service and channels with instant access to remote visual support when the unforeseen arrives. Empower your service teams with increased verification, standardized digital workflows, streamlined communication, and on-demand knowledge management to make sure they can get the job done right the first time, no matter their experience level. Learn more about how we help you get the best out of all your service channels with our full Field Service Connect offering

How Atheer Supports Your Contact Center Teams

Atheer makes it very difficult for your Connect Center teams to make a mistake by providing: 

  • Providing digitalized self-service options to your customers for troubleshooting and problem-solving common issues. 
  • Enhanced remote visual support to transform call center agents from order takers to experts to solve problems without waiting for tech dispatches. 
  • Field service channel enablement with an instant connection to visual support from subject matter experts. 
  • Digitized AirForms to rapidly document, diagnosis, and repair simple and complex machinery. 
  • Remote Control AiRSession features provide experts greater access to more rapidly troubleshoot urgent problems. 
  • Streamlined guided work and on-demand knowledge management for inexperienced and experienced technicians to fill the knowledge gap and execute technical service to your standards no matter their experience level using Atheer’s Field Service Connect. 

Offer a Better Customer Service Experience With Atheer

Customers have come to expect immediate service. Atheer digitizes and integrates your service channels, call centers, and customer self-service to maximize efficiency at every touch point to elongate asset life and improve machine uptime.  Atheer’s extensible no-code platform lets you digitize today’s processes and tomorrow’s as easy as typing a document.  Atheer has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise systems and business processes to deliver value from day one.  Atheer offers a turnkey frictionless white-label experience that will help create a better, more enduring relationship with your customers. There’s no reason to build it all yourself. Let us do it for you. 

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