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Dealer Service

Your products and services are getting more complex and your customers more demanding. Atheer can assist technicians across your dealer network to:
  • Reduce service resolution time
  • Bring innovation to customers faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce exposure, travel time, and costs for your experts

Field Service

Your field service teams are your front line and under constant pressure to deliver results, while staying safe. Atheer can assist them to:
  • Speed incident response
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Stay safe as a result of less travel
  • Save time and money on unnecessary trips and work
  • Accelerate training and knowledge sharing

Maintenance and Repair Operations

Keeping your most critical assets operational and safe is an essential element of your business. AR from Atheer can help you:
  • Reduce downtime when it happens
  • Increase reliability with preventative maintenance
  • Streamline inspections
  • Scale your expertise
  • Support the introduction of new innovations

Inspections and Surveying

Inspections are time-consuming – yet critical tasks – for maintenance, quality assurance, and risk assessment teams across many industries. Atheer can replace your paper-based processes with intelligent guided inspections to:
  • Shorten inspection times (hands-free, if required)
  • Increase accuracy with guided steps
  • Improve record keeping for auditing and certification

On The Job Training and Compliance

As businesses become more complex, ensuring that your teams have the skills and knowledge they need has become mission critical. AR apps from Atheer can help:
  • Close the knowledge gap
  • Increase speed to competency
  • Improve knowledge transfer among employees
  • Provide On The Job (OJT) training
  • Minimize risk

Production Operations

Minimizing downtime is critical – and speed is of the essence – when urgent repairs are needed in production scenarios. Meanwhile, preventative maintenance can help ensure the reliability of product. Atheer helps your front line operations teams deliver:
  • Plant commissioning
  • Machine installation
  • Shorter maintenance times (hands-free, if required)
  • Increased accuracy with guided steps
  • Improved data about the effectiveness of maintenance and repair work in operations


Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the way manufacturing works. AR has a vital role to play in what has been called “Industry 4.0”. Here are just a few of the ways manufacturers are using AR to improve productivity growth and enhance safety in:
  • Production cycling and retooling
  • Plant commissioning
  • Machine installation
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Field Service
  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse Handling
  • Training

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