Toshiba’s Client Solutions Division (CSD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., has announced new smart glasses that offer Atheer AiR™ Enterprise as one of two software options

MARCH 12, 2018 – Toshiba’s Client Solutions Division (CSD) a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., has announced the first completely wearable Augmented Reality (AR) solution to combine the power of a Windows 10 Pro PC with the robust feature set of industrial-grade smart glasses. Designed for enterprise customers, Toshiba’s new dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses packages together the company’s new dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display (HMD) with its dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC for a completely wearable PC system maximizing mobility, productivity and security without compromising flexibility.

Toshiba’s new dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses

To complete the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses solution, Toshiba will offer customers two software options – Toshiba Vision DE Suite and Atheer AiR™ Enterprise. Toshiba Vision DE Suite is the software engine designed to realize the essential functionality of Toshiba’s innovative AR solution. For fast and easy navigation, device functions are grouped into three color-coded menu categories: Communications, File Viewer and Tools.

From these three menus, users can take photos, record and stream live video, save and retrieve documents, access diagrams, receive text messages and communicate through live video calls. This easy-to-use approach to navigating a robust solution elevates productivity and improves efficiency. In addition to a full suite of on-device services, the software offers IT manager and organizations with advanced synchronization and centralized device management capabilities. Toshiba Vision DE Suite re-imagines productivity and efficiency for enterprises.

Meanwhile, Atheer AiR™ Enterprise is an enterprise-class Augmented Reality application bringing remote subject matter calling, access to contextual documentation and resources, checklists and step by step task flows (with touchless, gesture-based interaction), and barcode scanning to Toshiba’s dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses. The Atheer AiR Enterprise software is designed to improve worker productivity, reduced downtime, enhance accuracy and quality as well as improve worker safety.

“We are excited to be part of Toshiba’s initial software offering,” said Soulaiman Itani, CEO and co-founder of Atheer. “We believe the combination of Atheer AiR Enterprise and the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses provides a solution that will help enterprises significantly enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their workforces.”

Read the full story from Toshiba here.

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