The Atheer Front Line OS can Help Businesses in the “New Normal”

Across major industries and use cases.


The automotive industry has experienced more innovation and generational change in the last 20 years that in much of the previous 75 – couple that with the business impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, and finding new ways to do business is a top priority. Atheer  offers a way for automakers to transform:
  • Dealer Service
  • Warranty Claims
  • Parts Handling
  • Port Operations
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Training


Even in the pre-COVID 19 world, the aviation industry was facing strong headwinds. Aircraft manufacturing and maintenance had become far more global, while skills shortages were making it harder to hire operations and maintenance staff. As the aviation industry adjusts to the new reality finding business efficiencies is an even greater imperative . Atheer can help deliver these efficiencies in:
  • Maintenance and Repair Operations
  • Inspections
  • Cargo Handling
  • Aircraft Turnaround
  • Training


Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the way manufacturing works. COVID 19 has forced manufacturers to place an even greater priority on safety, limiting travel, and finding new ways to keep their machines and plants running. Here are just a few of the ways manufacturers are using Atheer to reinvent how they are working:
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Machine Installation
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Inspections and Surveying
  • Production Cycling and Retooling
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Training and Compliance

Mining and Metals

Technology is driving a major evolution of the global mining industry – as it works towards greater sustainability, skills upgrades for its workforce and becoming ever safer. Mining companies are using Atheer to reinvent their work in:
  • Field Service
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Non-Stop Operations
  • Workforce Development
  • Training


The telecommunications industry is undergoing massive change with products, services, and core infrastructure changing at light speed.  Ensuring customer satisfaction, business growth, and reliable service are dial-tone (if you will excuse the pun!).  Atheer can help meet these challenges in:
  • Field Service
  • Virtual Technician Visits
  • Infrastructure Build
  • Network Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Training

Multiple Use Cases Across Various Industries

Unlocking productivity at the world’s leading enterprises