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AiR Enterprise – The Award Winning AR Platform

toshiba smart glasses

When Toshiba decided to launch its own range of enterprise-focused smart glasses, it needed an enterprise grade collaboration and productivity platform to offer customers and turned to Atheer. As a result, Toshiba developed a strategic partnership with Atheer and its exciting new dynaEdge smart glasses are offered with Atheer’s award winning AiR Enterprise collaboration and productivity platform, including our patented touchless gesture interactions.

Learn how AiR Enterprise and Toshiba deliver an Enterprise AR solution

AiR Experience Hands Free Interactions

AiR Experience is our patented, hands free interaction platform.

Gestures are the most natural way to interact with smart glasses and our AiR Experience platform lets you bring this to your users even on glasses only equipped with an RGB camera.

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AiR Glasses Reference Design

flex smart glasses reference design

When Flex was looking for a partner to develop the next generation of enterprise grade smart glasses, they turned to Atheer. Licensing our AiR Glasses reference design, Flex brought its industry-changing smart glasses, with full hands free interactions, to market in record time.

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Atheer’s groundbreaking range of AiR Computing technologies are powering the next generation of smart glasses and AR solutions. With more than 47 patents granted, we have the innovation and experience to help accelerate your own AR hardware and software development. 

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