The Productivity Platform for Front Line Teams

Connect your front line teams to all the assistance, expertise, guidance, and knowledge of the enterprise.

Instantly connect and assist your front line teams.

Deploy Atheer to the devices your teams use and empower them with secure messaging, AR video assistance, documentation, AR workflows and much more.

Secure chat and group messaging

Secure chat and group messaging. Group memberships can be static or dynamic based on any number of criteria.

Augmented remote assistance

Atheer’s AR-enabled video sessions let you securely deliver expertise to anywhere in the world. Multi-party calling, scheduling, recording, and playback of sessions all included. Annotate on live video and still images.

Guest users allowed

Easily invite guest users to video sessions via email and SMS invitations.

Rapidly build AR-powered workflows that unlock productivity.

Hit the ground running with ready-made templates and drag-and-drop building blocks.

Simple, yet powerful visual AR workflow builder

With Atheer AiR Studio and our drag-and-drop tools, anyone can build AR powered workflows. Fast!

Atheer AiR Studio

All the building blocks and tools you need to build your own AR business applications including dynamic forms, multiple step types, and out of the box enterprise integrations. No coding!

One-click deployment

Deploy your finished workflows and apps to all the devices (including smart glasses) that your front line teams use and update them with one click. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Scan. Explore. Interact.

Use Atheer AiR Lens to scan, explore and interact with your workspace in an entirely new way.

Marker-based object recognition

Rapidly set up QR, barcode, and OCR-based scans. Connect scan results to content, AR workflows and associated experts. No coding.

Image-based object recognition

Train Atheer to recognize your objects and key assets. Connect the results to the content, knowledge, and experts of the enterprise. No coding.

Display machine and sensor data

Connect Atheer to your machines, sensors, and IIOT and see the the data flow into the field of vision.

Add augmentation, automation and intelligence to your front line.

Easily add code-free augmentation, automation and intelligence to the work your front teams do every day.

Quickly and securely augment at scale

Build time-saving, AR-powered workflows and applications into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems, with seamless integration, using pre-built connectors.

Put intelligent workflows to work

Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving you time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Intelligent productivity

Transform your productivity with AI. Automate repetitive work, intelligently connect the right assistance to the right person.

Optimize every process and experience.

Measure, track, and discover real-time insights to inform your activities.

Real-time trending

See what’s happening along your front line in real-time. Measure against baselines. Optimize. Repeat.

At your fingertips

Atheer provides simple and clear individual, team, and organizational dashboards. Slice and dice your  data any way you want.

Intelligence built in

Predictive user experiences, dynamic audiences, content recommendations, and contextual guidance.

Put your data to work.

Atheer provides a library of connectors that empower you to bring all your data together – uncovering new insights.

Activate all user data instantly

In real time, Atheer leverages the demographic, behavioral and event data to trigger contextual, tailored experiences.

Keep enterprise systems in sync

From core ERP and CRM solutions to aging legacy systems, Atheer makes it easy to integrate any external enterprise systems, database, or custom app.

Leverage 5G and edge computing

5G will not only improve, but will be a requirement for some of the most exciting AR applications. We’re ready.

Secure. Scalable. Available.

Built from the ground up to meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding IT departments.

Enterprise grade security

Encryption on device, in transit, and at rest. Fully configurable security roles and permissions. Support for complex network and proxy configurations.

All users, all processes, all devices

Atheer has been designed to scale with you. As you add users, digitize and augment more processes, and support more devices, we are with you every step of the way.

Global availability

We aim to be always operational for our customers. No vacation, no extended upgrade or maintenance windows, no single points of failure. US, EU, and JP data location options.

Try Atheer today

Drop us a note and we’ll hook you up with your very own instance of Atheer.