Transforming the Workplace

Atheer’s pioneering Augmented Reality Management Platform provides the world’s leading enterprises a competitive edge by improving the productivity, effectiveness, accuracy and safety of their work forces, customers, and supply chains.

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Augmented Reality for the Enterprise. Made Real.

Leading industrial enterprises are using Atheer’s AR Management Platform today to transform how they work.

Create high impact
AR experiences

Atheer’s Augmented Reality Management Platform puts our patented technology into your hands

Use Atheer to accommodate your unique way of doing business and empower your employees to perform their best work.

Match your worker and their use case with the right device for the perfect fit.

Tap into the
power of Atheer

Build context-aware AR experiences such as work instructions, checklists, picklists, and SOPs.

Provide remote, multi-expert, guidance to your team when and where they need it. Hands free.

Rapidly take advantage of new technology innovations from Atheer.

Tailor Atheer to your
business needs

Enhance productivity by creating AR powered business processes tailored to your unique requirements.

Streamline work by creating a consistent user experience across all your devices.

Enable workers to perform tasks in the most natural way – touch, voice, gesture, and head motion.

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