Increase Manufacturing Productivity By Closing The Data Gap

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In this eBook you will learn

  • How a gap in front line operational data prevents organizations from being able to improve their operational efficiency
  • The 4 most important data issues driving the data gap
  • How paper based reporting is holding you back 
  • How to improve data quality collected during machine maintenance and related service tasks
  • Why dual data entry lowers data consistency and creates productivity bottlenecks
  • The importance of improving data availability and access for managers and front line teams.
  • Why organizations need to move from text-based data collection to image to improve data utility.
  • Why Front Line Worker Platforms are designed to solve the data gap
  • The importance of standardized work execution for data analysis
  • How to combine data sets to get a holistic view
  • The secret industry leaders are using to make better use of their data and improve customer satisfaction by 69%. 
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