Taking Control Over Quality Processes With Front Line Worker Platforms

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In this eBook you will learn

  • The cost of poor Quality to your company’s reputation and how to avoid potential billions of dollars in losses
  • 4 emerging trends in improving quality management systems that will affect the future of manufacturing
  • Why paper-based processes endanger your ability to capture defects before they go to market
  • How digital technology can help meet the looming skills gap by offering training in the flow of work to reduce human errors and potential rework
  • Discover how Front Line Worker Platforms can improve machine uptime by raising the quality of machine inspection with standardized work instructions
  • Increase verification and traceability for quality audits with photographic and video evidence to make quality audits are done and done right the first time
  • Offer Extended Enterprise solutions to track and eliminate defects across your entire supply chain. Extend your quality experience to your suppliers.
  • Improve operational visibility through real time reporting to allow management to make data driven decisions to continuously improve quality.
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