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Atheer Customer Connect

Solve Customer Issues Fast With Holistic Digital Self-Service Solutions

Immediate Digital Assistance Without Waiting

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Atheer

The relationship with a customer is won or lost after the sale, which means solving their problems quickly is crucial. To achieve this, your customer needs the ability to autonomously solve their own problems quickly, or they need to be be confident that your service team can do it for them.  Atheer connects that customer and your service team to the information and resources they need to solve problems quickly and maximize the customer experience.

Atheer Customer Connect is an all-in-one app available from your day-to-day devices that elevates the quality of your customer service at every touch point.  Prevent issues before they start with digital self service for scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting guides for common problems.  Customers can get immediately connected to remote visual assistance to solve complex issues without having to wait for a technician to arrive. Atheer Customer Connect lowers call center volume, improves contact center productivity and keeps your machine’s up and running. 

Elevate Self Service To Improve Customer Experience

Atheer Customer Connect helps you to move the needle on these crucial Self Service and Customer Experience metrics: 


  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • CES (Customer Effort Score)
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Contact Center Call Volume
  • Self-Service Containment Rate
  • Cost Per Contact
  • Contact Center Efficiency
  • Machine Uptime
  • First-time fix rates
Dealer and aftersale operations
Knowledge insights
Improving the efficiency and safety of your field operations

Finding the Right Information When You Need It

The Problem 


Your customers need the machinery they buy from you to work on day one, and when something goes wrong, they need help fixing it as quickly as possible, but customers often find it challenging to resolve issues autonomously because the right information and experts aren’t easy to access. Customers then have to wait days and even weeks for technicians to arrive and execute mission-critical repairs.  For many industries, every hour of downtime can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 


The Solution 


Atheer Customer Connect makes it easy for your customers to access visual training, troubleshooting guides, diagrams, best practices, workflows, and experts on the specific products they use, on-demand, when and where they need them for scheduled maintenance and urgent repair.  Now your customer can solve the most common issues autonomously without waiting for assistance and proactively solve issues before they cause machine breakdown. 

Solving The Communication Gap

The Problem 

The contact center systems many OEMs and Field Service Organizations are currently using make it difficult for call center agents to quickly and effectively visually interact with customers to speed up resolution time and this can result in unnecessary technician dispatches.


The Solution

Atheer Customer Connect creates a live, real-time connection between your customer and your experts via live chat, messaging, and autonomous checklists. Atheer’s elevated digital self-service experience lowers contact center call volumes so your agents can focus on immediately  solving urgent customer issues. With remote visual support capabilities, your call center agents can see the issue, quickly diagnose the problem and solve it before getting off the call.

See what your front line teams see with Atheer's AR enabled Remote Assistance
Atheer’s Front Line Worker Platform helps manufacturing teams do great work

Increase Revenue Growth And Keep Customers Up To Date

The Problem 

It’s difficult for OEMs to share information on new products or service offerings with their customers, which creates barriers to revenue growth and overall stickiness for products.


The Solution

Atheer Customer Connect allows for dynamic mobile alerts/bulletins that create a common place to share product alerts, new service offerings, and new product availability  You can promote new offerings directly to your customers, right through your Customer Connect app.

Getting Field Service Done Right The First Time

Atheer makes it easy for your customer to schedule a field service technician with confidence.  Atheer Field Service Connect ensures your technicians are equipped with the digital support and expertise they need to get the job done right.


OEMs and Field Service organizations have the standardized, easy-to-understand workflows, elevated verification, increased visibility, and streamlined communication they need to ensure the work is done to their standard. For more information about Atheer’s Field Service Connect offering please click here. 


How Atheer Helps You Support Your Customers

Atheer makes it easy to offer your customers an elevated service experience by improving self-service quality and contact center efficiency. We do this by providing:
  • Addressing the knowledge gap with visual training so workers of any experience level can execute the job right the first time. 
  • Intuitive point-of-work visual instructions to simplify work execution for installation, maintenance, and urgent repair for self-service.
  • On-demand searchable troubleshooting guides and training all in one consolidated location. 
  • Streamlined communication between OEMs and customers to quickly share documentation and simple fixes. 
  • Instant access to subject matter experts through state-of-the-art AR Powered Remote visual assistance to solve unforeseen and urgent problems when they arise while reducing the need for technician dispatches.
  • Capture high-quality actionable data every step along the way and create near real-time reporting. 
  • Create and mobilize digital workflows for diagnosis and repair. 
  • Dynamic alerts to keep customers updated on new product offerings. 
  • Easily schedule field service technicians with elevated instructions, increased verification, and improved visibility through Atheer’s Field Service Connect.

Digitize Your Customer Service Experience with Atheer

In a digital-first economy, customers demand immediate service. Atheer helps you improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by digitizing and connecting your service channels, call centers, and customer self-service to maximize efficiency at every touch point.  Atheer’s extensible no-code platform lets you digitize today’s processes and tomorrow’s as easy as typing a document.  Atheer has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise systems and business processes to deliver value from day one.  Atheer Customer Connect offers a turnkey frictionless white-label experience that will help create a better, more enduring relationship with your customers. 

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