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Update 2 for the Atheer Aurora Release: Do More with Less Bandwidth

Atheer adds a number of important new capabilities and enhancements in the second update to our recent Aurora platform Release. Here’s how they will benefit Atheer customers across each of the major product capability pillars.


When front line team members are looking for ways to help themselves, it’s important to ensure that they get the information that is most relevant to them as quickly as possible.

In Update 2 of the Atheer Aurora release, it’s easier to target the right content and services to the right group of team members. Atheer provides the flexibility to dynamically create lists of user groups or segments based on a variety of attributes – making it simpler to get the right information to the right group of people.


You can now do more with less bandwidth in Atheer. Enhancements in this release allow video session participants to quickly capture relevant, high-resolution images directly from the camera of a remote mobile device without having to capture a still image from a live video feed, thus freeing them from the resolution constraints that can be imposed by low bandwidth in a video session.

High resolution images captured in this way are then available for later review – making them ideal in inspection or work compliance scenarios.

During an Atheer AiRSession (a video session on Atheer), you can click on the direct image capture button to capture the image being presented on the screen. These images can be stored in the image archive of the AiRSession log and can be downloaded and used to create knowledge and troubleshooting documentation for future Self-assist purposes.

Easier annotations

The latest release of Atheer features slimmed-down AR annotation arrows without shadows, which allows for greater pinpoint accuracy of live annotations during video sessions.



When designing ways to provide assistance content to front line team members, it’s often important to make sure the content looks like it belongs to your enterprise. Update 2 of the Atheer Aurora Release provides more flexibility in align Atheer workspaces with a customer brand.



Customers now have more choices in how they customize the look of their Atheer workspace to meet the design requirements of their corporate brand with a broader range of available primary and secondary colors within their Atheer workspace.


There are a number of platform-level enhancements in Update 2 of the Atheer Aurora Release, particularly around making better use of live or recorded video sessions.

New capabilities in this release allow video session hosts to add and edit topic titles for ad hoc and past sessions, making it clear exactly what the video session is all about.

This new capability also allows users to more quickly find relevant sessions (and see the insights and resources associated with those sessions). In addition, Atheer now allows anyone who is not a host of a video session being recorded to join or leave the session whenever they want, without it having any impact on the recording.

More Authentication Choices

This update also provide enterprises with more industry-standard security, password-handling and authentication capabilities.

Atheer provides users on mobile devices with a simple way to request a new password if they have forgotten it. It also provides administrators with new ways to confirm passwords when creating new users, thus enhancing enterprise security compliance.

As well, Atheer provides SAML, Microsoft Azure AD, and Google SSO for the Atheer browser-based Studio; and Microsoft Azure AD SSO for the Lens mobile applications. Enterprises can now choose any of these industry standard authentication options to provide single sign-on for their users.

We look forward to our customers enjoying these new capabilities – and hearing their feedback. For full details on how the latest update can make a difference in your business, contact your customer success manager.

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