Atheer has been working closely with Cisco to provide integration between the award-winning Atheer AiR Enterprise augmented reality application and Cisco’s popular and powerful Spark advanced communications and collaboration tools. The move is part of Atheer’s on-going work to provide a more seamless experience when using popular enterprise collaboration and productivity tools alongside AiR Enterprise.

Cisco Spark is an enterprise-ready collaboration solution that provides teams with a secure and reliable way to manage calls, messages and meeting using its tools for mobile and desktop devices as well as Web browsers. Users of both AiR Enterprise and Cisco Spark are invited to become a member of the early access program and experience Cisco Spark from within AiR Enterprise.

The combination of Cisco Spark’s popular, reliable and well-supported collaboration features with the capabilities of AiR Enterprise delivers a comprehensive productivity and collaboration solution that offers huge enterprise customer benefit to existing Cisco Spark users.

AiR Enterprise includes native “see what I see” videoconferencing for instant access to remote experts, in-view contextual documentation, step by step task guidance, as well as a management console to improve the productivity, quality, accuracy, and safety of workers at the world’s leading industrial enterprises.

Many enterprises have standardised on Cisco Spark as their enterprise video and collaboration platform and in these situations they can replace AiR Enterprise’s native solution with Cisco Spark.

“Our integration work with Cisco Spark is part of our ongoing commitment to strategic enterprise application and key platform integration,” says Soulaiman Itani, Atheer’s CEO. “We are delighted to be working with Cisco to start bringing together the ground-breaking collaboration tools in Cisco Spark with our own pioneering AiR Enterprise augmented reality solution to help enterprise customers make an immediate and positive impact on the way they work. We invite both AiR Enterprise and Cisco Spark customers to see a preview demonstration.”

Atheer’s work to integrate with key enterprise applications fits in with the company’s overall strategy of making AiR Enterprise an integral part of the diverse technology ecosystem that exists inside all industrial enterprises. In the past few months, Atheer has announced support for solutions using Windows 10 (on the just-announced Toshiba dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses), SAML based authentication, Microsoft HoloLens (through our unique partnership with Design Interactive and its AUGMENTOR application), a range of Android-based smart glasses and head-mounted devices (including the RealWear HMT-1), Samsung’s popular S2 tablets and all future devices based on the Flex AR reference design (announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show).

To learn more about this initiative and participate in the early access program, contact Rika Nakazawa, Vice-President of  Strategy and Business Development at Atheer, at .

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