Learning at the point of need
An AR Management Platform ensures that assembly workers
can get immediate access to the formal or informal contextual training
resources they need, at the time they need it.
Measurable Benefits
Sharing 1:1 learning with a broad audience
A cloud-based AR platform allows remote experts to show a broad
audience exactly how a task should performed, while also allowing
a small number of experts to help an individual worker gain
on-the-job learning about a challenging task.
Measurable Benefits
Enabling continuous learning
Enterprises that adopt an AR platform can aggregate and analyze task
completion data in order to drive continuous learning. Granular reports will show,
for example, how long it takes workers to complete each step in a step-by-step
guidance sequence, providing invaluable business insight.
Measurable Benefits

Why Training Needs AR

Digitally delivering up-to-date, effective work instructions – supporting by great collaboration tools and content such as videos, PDFs containing published documentation and images – is vital to providing contextual, on-the-job learning in any industrial enterprise.

““Learning is the intelligent by-product of continuous improvement in organizations”

– J. Arets, the 70:20:10 Institute, from the Atheer/70:20:10 Institute joint Webinar

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