Ensuring that inspections can be carried out quickly and accurately
Inspections require the use of a comprehensive, up-to-date
compliance checklist, which can be delivered directly to the field of view
of an inspector wearing smart glasses or using a mobile device.
Measurable Benefits
Getting help
Inspectors can use their AR device to do remote
expert calls with specialists if they have questions
on how to conduct an inspection.
Measurable Benefits
A clear record of the inspection
Using an AR Management Platform, it is easily to leverage
the video, still pictures and data recorded during the inspection to
build a comprehensive report.
Measurable Benefits

Why Remote Inspection Needs AR

With the broad range of facilities and complex equipment facing inspectors (including industrial, residential and commercial), there is expanding need to make fast, accurate, safe and effective inspections.

“Advances in augmented reality, smart glasses, sensor technology, collaborative robots and exoskeletons will shape the future of workplace safety. As an employee approaches a work area, known hazards and relevant safety instructions will display in the employee’s smart safety glasses.”

David Thurwanger, EHS risk mitigation manager, Yaskawa America Inc. in EHS Today

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