Immediate delivery of the very latest safety procedures
AR allows mine workers access to the most up-to-date,
validated and compliant safety procedures in their field of view.
Measurable Benefits
Getting it right
Mine workers not only gain access to the right set of work
instructions, but can also view digital videos, diagrams and other
vital resources to improve accuracy.
Measurable Benefits
Providing unprecedented,
integrated live data access
Using an AR Management Platform, workers at sites with good
connectivity can make video calls to remote experts and view data from
sensors measuring everything from air quality to their own vital signs.
Measurable Benefits

Why Mining Needs AR

The mining sector has long been keenly aware of the vital need to stay on the leading edge of innovations around the safety of its operations – and has started embracing the use of digital technologies in all aspects of its operations to improve safety, accuracy and productivity.

“AR could bring many benefits to the mining industry if it is  applied correctly and if applications are designed with great attention to detail.”

Potential Augmented Reality Applications in the Mining Industry by J. Jacobs, R.C.W. Webber-Youngman and E.A. van Wyk

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