40-75% reduction in downtime costs
Support from remote experts in “see what I see” video calls
and the delivery of work instructions directly to AR devices
allows equipment to be serviced and repaired more quickly.
Measurable Benefits
Up to 90% error correction and 30% reduction in
assembly time in manufacturing and warehousing
Allows workers to scan QR codes and barcodes to ensure that the
right goods are added orders, while AR-delivered step-by-step
assembly guidance ensures faster and more accurate results.
Measurable Benefits
20-50% reduction in the cost to train distributed workforces
Provides a direct, low-cost way to remotely deliver “point of view”
training on new tasks, workflows, field safety guidance and work
instructions to large groups of people.
Measurable Benefits

Why Manufacturing Needs AR

Research shows that downtime on a large manufacturing line can cost more than $1 million per hour. AR provides the remote collaboration and work instruction delivery capabilities to reduce downtime, improve work accuracy and provide greater safety.

“A 2006 joint survey of 101 manufacturing executives in the auto industry by Nielsen Research and Advanced Technology Services (ATS) found that, at that time, the cost of stopped production was an average of $22,000 per minute.”

– Augmented Reality for Manufacturing: Changing the face of work (Atheer, 2017)

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