Ensuring that claims are assessed quickly and accurately
Insurance adjusters in the field to run through the checklist of
everything they have to go through with a client when evaluating
an insurance claim.
Measurable Benefits
Getting help
Adjusters can use their AR device to do remote expert
calls with senior adjusters or claim specialists if they have
questions on how to evaluate a claim.
Measurable Benefits
A clear record of the claim
Using an AR Management Platform, it is easily to leverage the video,
still pictures and data recorded during a claim assessment to build
a comprehensive of the insurance claim.
Measurable Benefits

Why Insurance Needs AR

With the complexity of equipment and devices being insured in industrial settings – and the growing need to make fast and effective assessments of weather-related damage – the insurance industry is in need of solutions to help tackle these challenges.

“Insurance professionals can benefit from the AR technology especially when they are working in the field. The environment of an insurance professional in the field can easily be recorded and analyzed in real-time using AR apps making their work much easier than it was before.”

The Relationship between AR Tech and Insurance by Carol M. Evenson writing in CTOVision.com

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