Support for collaboration throughout the aviation supply chain
Modern aircraft include components manufactured at
multiple global locations from a broad range of suppliers. The
Atheer AR platform supports guest experts and group
calling to better enable supply chain collaboration.
Measurable Benefits
Immediate help in resolving maintenance,
repair, and overhaul (MRO) challenges
AR allows aircraft mechanics instant access to remote experts
who can help diagnose - and deliver work instructions - to
repair and maintain complex aircraft.
Measurable Benefits
20-50% reduction in the cost
to train distributed workforces
Through the delivery of work instructions within a worker’s
vision of vision, on the job training can be delivered
faster and more broadly across multiple locations.
Measurable Benefits

Why Aviation Needs AR

The aviation industry is grappling with the twin challenges of huge demand for new, more complex aircraft, while facing a shortage of experienced aircraft mechanics to service a growing international fleet.

“Over the next decade a record number of maintenance technicians will retire, outpacing the total number of new mechanics entering the market. At the same time, the global fleet is growing significantly. Additionally, the shortfall is expected to create expertise gaps as the industry finds itself having to service a fleet that will be almost equally divided between older and newer technology aircraft.”

– Augmented Reality for the Aviation Industry: Getting ready for take off (Atheer, 2017)

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