Cut service resolution times by 40%
Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) reports a shortening of service
resolution times by up to 40 percent using Atheer AR technology
at its dealer service operations across the United States.
Measurable Benefits
40-75% reduction in downtime costs
for automotive manufacturing
Leveraging the ability to use AR to “virtually” bring in remote
experts to troubleshoot any mechanical issues holding up a production
line, manufacturers can significantly reduce costly downtime.
Measurable Benefits
20-50% reduction in the cost
to train distributed workforces
AR provides the ability to not only offer broadly-available
on-the-job training as workers ramp up on new tasks, but also to get
immediate, one-on-one help when learning complex new workflows.
Measurable Benefits

Why Automotive Needs AR

Across the manufacturing, service and operations elements of the automotive sector, AR can make a difference by helping reduce downtime, cut “time to repair” and improve overall safety and efficiency in operations.

“Automotive service bays are going to need to evolve their safety processes in the next few years due the arrival of electric and hybrid cars. . .  This trend will to require automotive companies to reimagine their processes and standard operating procedures – and AR technology can play a significant role in enabling that change.”

– Augmented Reality for the Automotive Industry: Revolutionizing manufacturing, service and operations (Atheer, 2017)

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