Learning at the point of need
An AR Management Platform ensures that assembly workers
can get immediate access to the formal or informal contextual training
resources they need, at the time they need it.
Measurable Benefits
Reduce assembly worker training time by up to 40%
A cloud-based AR platform allows remote experts to show a broad
audience exactly how a task should performed, while also allowing
a small number of experts to help an individual worker gain
on-the-job learning about a challenging task.
Measurable Benefits
A safer workplace
Assembly line workers always have the latest work instructions
and protocols instantly available to them, in their field of view.
And, if they use smart glasses, they have two free hands to work with.
Measurable Benefits

Why Assembly Needs AR

The health and productivity of any assembly operation relies on minimizing downtime. An AR Management Platform is aimed squarely at tackling this issue by giving your workforce the collaboration and work instruction capabilities they need.

“Modern manufacturing is a highly interdependent, complex (and often international) undertaking. Manufacturers are vulnerable to any single point of failure along the global supply chain.”

– Augmented Reality for Manufacturing: Changing the face of work (Atheer, 2017)

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