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Global teams can effectively collaborate remotely in real time for step-by-step instructions, document procedure compliance, access to remote rich media and use of video and voice communication.

Customizable Taskflows & Collaboration APP for Smartglasses

  • Easy interaction for taskflows compliance.

  • Remote expert and multimedia collaboration with AiR Suite Web Console.

  • Documentation of work progress through pictures and video.

  • Smart glasses optimized UI/UX.


Task flow creation and deployment are simple with our drag and drop tools; easy access to 2 and 3D models, videos, barcodes and real-time view of procedures and checklists for productivity planning and execution.

Intuitive Taskflows Creation Tool

  • Author procedures, checklists and taskflows with simple drag-and-drop.

  • Attach task-specific rich media, 2D/3D models and diagrams for quick reference.

  • Step-by-step instructions, checklists, barcode scanning, and more.


Track, analyze and improve team planning and execution through our cloud-based collaboration and management tool, which includes device and profile management; allows for remote video conference; real-time annotations and integration with your enterprise systems.

Cloud Based Collaboration & Management Console

  • Remote expert guidance for AiR Suite Mobile App users through live video, photo, and text.

  • Video conferencing for remote collaboration, and real-time annotation.

  • Multi-device & user profile management.

  • Integration with leading enterprise databases & applications.


To enable seamless deployments across your enterprise, the AiR Suite supports all your favorite smartglasses, ensuring you have the right tool for the right job.

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