This week, we proudly reached the volume shipping stage of our enterprise-ready AiR™ smartglasses. The Atheer AiR Glasses™ enable users to interact with data, using natural touchscreen-like gestures, providing the most advanced hands-free experience available in mobile augmented reality technology.

The AiR Glasses have binocular, vibrant, see-through displays with a large field of view. The dual RGB cameras in combination with a 3D depth sensor, 8-hour battery, and a NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor make Atheer’s AiR Glasses the most interactive and powerful in the market.

Our customers in industries such as automotive, utilities, insurance, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and aerospace, leverage Atheer AiR Glasses to improve effectiveness and efficiency of various professional field work ranging from machine servicing, manufacturing and logistics, to assembly, inspection, training and medical treatment.

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