This week’s announcement by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) of “Tech Live Look,” an Augmented Reality (AR) technology designed to improve technical services at Porsche dealerships in the United States, is making an impact.

“Tech Live Look” uses Atheer’s AiR Enterprise – and it has gained the attention of the business press as well as automotive and augmented reality media. Here are just a few highlights:

Dan Gessner, writing in the New York Daily News explained that “Instead of a dealership employee being forced to contact the team about troubleshooting issues by way of phone and email, Tech Live Look allows both parties to view the car simultaneously together in real time”.

Meanwhile, Andrew Krok of CNET said in his article observed that “nobody likes spending time in dealerships or driving courtesy cars, so this could go a long way in fostering goodwill between dealerships and their customers”.

Not surprisingly, Wesley Wren’s report in Autoweek looked at the impact of the solution on service technicians. “The usual practice is to have a factory representative or regional engineer visit to help diagnose the problem, and sometimes a faulty assembly is shipped back to company HQ for damage analysis,” he said. “All that costs time and money for customers and dealers alike. Hoping to shorten diagnostic times, Porsche has developed a system to help factory engineers see what dealer technicians are seeing even from thousands of miles away.”

And Tommy Palladino, writing for Next Reality, took a closer look at Atheer’s role in Tech Live Look. “Next year, the sports car importer will deploy Atheer AiR Enterprise AR software to its US dealerships under the name Tech Live Look,” he wrote. “Used in conjunction with smartglasses, the program uses Atheer to connect service technicians to the Porsche technical support center in Atlanta. Remote support experts can then see what the technician is viewing and capture screenshots through the wearable’s camera.”

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